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I'm a wife and mother of five children and a native of New Orleans, Louisiana. I received a Bachelor of Science degree in nursing from Dillard University at New Orleans as well as a Master of Science degree in nursing and a Doctor of Nursing Practice from Loyola University at New Orleans. I am a woman of faith and a follower of Jesus Christ. In 2015, I suffered severe medical complications after a procedure in which I became disabled.  My vocal cords were paralyzed which resulted in difficulty speaking, breathing, and swallowing.  My life was drastically changed and I was left devastated while looking to God for direction.  The Lord led me to focus on my love for writing as an author.  My tragedy led me to triumph. I began creating books that assist children and adults in coping with challenging circumstances.  These events also led me to develop Strength Builders Publishing LLC.  At Strength Builders Publishing LLC, we create books to encourage individuals to press through their pain and conquer.  Our mission is to build strength within our readers as well as the authors that we assist in the publishing process. 

Do you dream of becoming a published author?  Contact us

at Strength Builders Publishing LLC and let us assist you in 

turning your dream into a reality. 

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